SWE Next

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18.  Membership is free, and those that join have access to SWE mentors, scholarships, and more exclusive benefits.  SWENexters can also form clubs to collaborate with other students, work on projects, etc.  The  SWENext program offers students a great way to get engaged in the engineering community, explore what engineering is, and envision themselves as engineers!  For more information, see the attached flyer or contact our K-12 Outreach Chair.

Benefits of Joining SWENext:

  • Exclusive access to SWE STEM Events
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Gain Leadership Experience
  • Explore Career & College Opportunities
  • Compete in STEM Challenges
  • Discounted Collegiate SWE Membership
  • Exclusive STEM Resources
  • Networking  

Visit the SWENext Website HERE for more information

Join SWENext for Free:
        13 & Older: HERE
         Parent or Guardian of those younger than 13: HERE