Call for FY25 Core Board Members

If you are interested in joining the SWE-ECI FY25 Core Board:

  1. Fill out the form below, indicating your top two positions by April 22nd.
  2. Submit below or email a picture, brief bio, and explanation of why you are interested in the position(s) to & for the election ballot by April 22nd.
  3. Be willing to start attending monthly meetings in June!
  4. IMPORTANT NOTES: All elected officers must be dues-paying members of the Society, starting July 1st. Please visit here for more information on becoming a paid member. Committee chairs and other appointed positions need not be paid members. Additionally, only current dues-paying members will be eligible to vote for the elected positions.

We hope you will join us!

Core Board Roles

Elected Positions

“Face of SWE-ECI” – provides strong direction, clear communication goals, and energizes CB and the section

  • Leads strategic planning for section activity; finalizes FY plan.
  • Authorize disbursement of section funds within budget approved by the core board.
  • Be an authorized signatory on all section accounts.
  • Assists and enables all events / section responsibilities where needed.
  • Facilitates core board meetings and drafts agenda in advance.
  • Represent the section before the public. 
  • Appoint committee chairs, with approval of core board, except chair of the nominating committee.
  • Approve appointment of all committee members, except members of the nominating committee.
  • Provide oversight and guidance to committee chairs as needed.
  • Facilitate elections for next fiscal year with help from nominating committee.
  • Execute business and policies of the section.
  • Fulfill governance requirements for the Society.
  • Must have minimum one year experience on ECI core board.

Backup for President 

  • Assume duties of President if the President is unable to serve.
  • Assists President with tasks (overflow) & builds close working relationship.
  • Orders name tags for new core board members.
  • Manages section inventory of supplies.
  • Serve as liaison to collegiate relations, unless a committee chair(s) is designated to assume this role.
  • Coordinate outreach activities, unless a committee chair(s) is designated to assume this role.
  • Provide oversight and guidance to committee chairs as needed.

Money Keeper – safe keeper of all financial activity and SWE assets

  • Keeps tabs on funds status and money related interfaces.
  • Drafts fiscal year budget with President and Vice President for review by Core Board.
  • Maintains financial records throughout the year against the budget.
  • Handles section reimbursement policy and takes care of reimbursements to section members.
  • Submits Financial Report to SWE HQ at end of fiscal year.
  • Submits e-tax card and taxes.
  • Ensures submission of corporate Collins Aerospace funding application.
  • Manages electronic accounts: BillHighway, PayPal, & Venmo.
  • Sets up online registration for events when necessary.
  • Maintains calendar with due dates for financial responsibilities and notifies President when items are submitted.

Assists with administrative items and record keeping

  • Records meeting minutes. 
  • Maintains and updates SWE Google calendar to reflect upcoming event dates/times.
  • Prepares and sends out the newsletter email each month after ensuring assigned articles are written.
  • Conducts website and document training for new core board members. 
  • Applies for section awards through Society.

Marketer and Social Media Guru 

  • Guides the “image of SWE-ECI”, has an eye for marketing, skilled at getting information out quickly in a way that gains interest, and channels enthusiasm via communication tools.
  • Creates or delegates creation of a flyer to advertise events.
  • Makes an effort to get other core board members and people within the section to get an “online chatter” going prior to events.
  • Posts pictures and section highlights to social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  • Passes information to other networks (women networks, societies, etc.) to market events.
  • Maintains list of communication channels and contacts through which information about events can be pushed.
  • Maintains and updates SWE-ECI website.

Recruiter – outgoing, understands SWE’s value and enthusiastically talks about it with others, seeks out ways to increase membership and involvement

  • Maintains membership database by comparing section reports to and updating SWE-ECI Google Drive Excel list.
  • Track member involvement/attendance at events.
  • Maintain/update email lists.
  • Actively works to recruit new members by talking about SWE and inviting people to SWE events.
  • Leads recruiting events at local companies.
  • Expands SWE network by attending other organizations’ events or other events that may have potentially interested SWE members.
  • Conducts evaluations for events to improve membership involvement.
  • Encourage Society membership sign-up and renewal.

Appointed Positions

The University of Iowa Collegiate Liaison 

  • A positive role model and proactive communicator.
  • Attends UI SWE meetings, as needed, relays info to ECI.
  • Attends ECI meetings, relays info to UI SWE.
  • Assists in getting UI SWE volunteers for ECI events, when desired.
  • Coordinates SWE-ECI involvement in UI SWE’s High School Conference.
  • Organizes one Spring Upgrade Event with UI SWE section.
  • Coordinates meet-up at WE Annual Conference and WE Local Conferences.
  • Looks for other opportunities in which SWE-ECI can partner with, mentor, or otherwise assist the student sections.

Passion for STEM outreach, proactive communicator within SWE and outside of SWE with STEM connections

  • Works with SWENext sections to maintain relationships and support/plan events.
  • Assists in getting SWENext volunteers for ECI events, when desired.
  • Communicates about STEM outreach events in the area; recommends, facilitates, and encourages SWE-ECI participation where appropriate.
  • Recruits volunteers for ECI STEM outreach events.
  • Maintains contact list for STEM connections.
  • Connects with other local professional organizations to partner on STEM efforts. 

Advocates professional development for the section

  • Organizes at least one professional development event.
  • Helps maintain contacts with businesses and speakers and keeps record of them for future use.
  • May help with other professional development opportunities throughout the year.
  • Attends core board meetings as needed (minimum FY kick-off, three leading up to the event, and one post-event).

Creates and maintains connections with other professional societies, local companies’ women’s networks, & other Iowa professional SWE sections

  • Keeps SWE-ECI connected with other professional societies like SHIP, NSBE, CREW, and women’s networks at local companies.
  • Keeps SWE-ECI connected with other SWE local professional sections nearby: Quad Cities, Cedar Valley, & Dubuque.
  • Helps coordinate at least one joint event with another section or society.
  • Attends core board meetings as needed (minimum FY kick-off, three leading up to the event, and one post-event).

The “Party Planner” – For those interested in being more involved with SWE-ECI but not quite ready to commit an entire year to the Core Board

  • Lead organizer of one large event for SWE-ECI (event TBD at the FY kick-off meeting).
  • Keeps the President & other core board members updated on progress of planning the event.
  • Asks for help making decisions, as needed.
  • Attends core board meetings as needed (minimum FY kick-off meeting, three leading up to the event, and one post-event).

Note: Multiple people can hold this position, each for a different event.

Complete the form below to join the SWE-ECI Core Board!

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