WE23 and Post WE23 Fireside Chat 

The Society of Women Engineer’s National Conference occurred from October 26th to October 28th 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Conference participants, both in person and virtually, were able to engage in networking lounges, 3-day sessions including keynote speakers from various backgrounds, and a 2-day career fair. SWE-ECI also connected with the University of Iowa chapter during the conference. This conference opened up development opportunities for many and allowed for inspiration to grow. 

After the WE23 Conference, 3 conference participants (Henal Patel, Kristen Wagner, and Samantha Armstrong) talked through their favorite sessions during the Fireside Chat on zoom. One of these memorable sessions included “Organizational Knowledge Sharing” at companies and a discussion on how members face a loss in expertise when companies prioritize promotions. In addition, a session called “No is Beautiful” revealed a good tool of conducting a time check to understand how much of your week is already committed to the bare minimum (work, sleep, housework, friends, family, exercise, etc.). Lastly, “Breaking Free From a Career Rut” was discussed and how different “traps” can be resolved. 

Feel free to reach out to the conference participants for additional details on anything that seemed interesting from WE23!